Velvet Peanut Butter


July 12, 2013

Welcome to our website. We are happy to report that Velvet Peanut Butter is now on sale for the summer.

Velvet Peanut Butter is available at retailers throughout the state on Michigan and is WIC Approved! Velvet Peanut Butter is approved for the Department of Agriculture’s WIC program. Participants can use vouchers to purchase 18 ounce jars of Velvet Peanut Butter at participating retailers.

Recently, several peanut butter manufactures reduced the size of their jars below 18 ounces, thus rendering their products unqualified for the WIC program.

The Velvet Peanut Butter Company is very pleased to participate in a program that protects the health of children. While other peanut butter manufactures have decided to reduce the amount of product in their jars, Velvet will continued to offer the 18 ounce size, which is the size required by WIC.

The State of Michigan’s WIC program provides vouchers that participants use at authorized food stores. WIC is effective in improving the health of pregnant women, new mothers, and their infants.

We will keep working hard to expand our distribution to all 50 states. Our goal is to make Velvet America’s favorite peanut butter.

Thank you for our success, there simply would not be a Velvet Peanut Butter without your support. If you have any questions please feel free to call me directly at  734-469-7470 .



Eric Bruce

Owner, Velvet Peanut Butter Company

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Velvet lovers around the country can now get their favorite peanut butter.
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