Velvet Peanut Butter



School is back and lunches need to be packed. Kids love peanut butter sandwiches and you will LOVE the fact that we have not reduced our jar size. Each jar of Velvet Peanut Butter is still packed with 18 ounces of the finest peanut butter we can make.

We’ve been back on your local store shelves for just about eight years and we thank you very much for your support. Velvet Peanut Butter can now be purchased at thousands of stores in Michigan including Kroger, Meijer, Busch’s and other fine independent grocers. Velvet Peanut Butter is also available in several other states in the Flowers Bakery Stores.

Velvet Peanut Butter is available at retailers throughout the state on Michigan and is WIC Approved! Velvet Peanut Butter is approved for the Department of Agriculture’s WIC program. Participants can use vouchers to purchase 18 ounce jars of Velvet Peanut Butter at participating retailers.

Also, we have had several tree nut allergy related questions come up so we thought that it would be a good idea to let our customers know that Velvet Peanut Butter is produced in a tree nut free facility.

There simply would not be a Velvet Peanut Butter without your support. To that we say a Fresh, Pure and Delicious thank you for our success. If you have any questions please feel free to call us directly at  734-469-7470 .



Eric Bruce, Owner,
Velvet Peanut Butter Company

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